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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not cook fresh diets at home?

A home made fresh diet requires time to source the food and cook. More importantly, a complete and balance diet requires a specific veterinary knowledge to do so . However, most pet parents do not have the time and knowledge to do so. This leads to an imbalance diet that eventually the dog will suffer from other chronic diseases such as kidney failure.

NuFresh is now providing the best possible fresh food for dogs and making it more convenient to serve and order. By investing labor and time in preparing both fresh and prescription diet, owners do not have to worry anymore!

What is the benefits of giving freshly cooked diet?

First, when you tear off NuFresh fresh diet, you will notice your dog is very excited about eating it. This excitement and happiness will result in utilizing its energy level throughout the day. The fresh diet is highly digestible which enables your dog to consume the highest nutritional content such as antioxidant, phyto-nutrients and saturated fats.

Many dog owners also comment the overall skin and coat of their dogs have improved due to the balance of essential fatty acids and oils in the diet. In the long run, this diet will help your dogs to reach its optimal health, maintaining its physical fitness, support essential functions of the body and even preventing various chronic diseases such as cancer, kidney failure and heart diseases.

Why not kibble?

Most consumers do not know how kibble is made and not to mention visiting a pet food manufacturing plant. To produce a kibble, we need a mixture of different proteins, plants and animals, fats and more importantly, a mixture of sticky carbohydrates to stick different ingredients together. To enhance the shelf life, some pet food companies will add preservative such as BHA and BHT in which is carcinogens. Some companies may even add animal fat spayed on top of the kibble to increase palatability. After adding these ingredients, it is being compressed by machine and create the shape we call it kibble. These kibble is very energy dense which may lead to obesity, heart diseases and even cancer. We as pet parents consider our pets as our family members, will you still be able to feed kibble to your dogs when you know the truth? We are having Fresh Food Every day, Its time to rethink what to give for your pets!

What is Nufresh's aim?

Our aim is to deliver the best possible Fresh diet to your dogs. After detailed observation and academic research, it dawned on us that the leading cause of chronic disease is the poor quality of processed dog food. In light of this, we want to change the dog food industry. In Nufresh, we promise to deliver fresh whole food to increase our companion’s health and longevity with love, care and honesty.

What is AAFCO?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a voluntary membership association of local, state and federal agencies charged by law to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies.

Nufresh Fresh Diet meets AAFCO requirements with 100% human grade ingredients.

Why NuFresh Prescription diet do not meet AAFCO requirement?

NuFresh Prescription diet is only for dogs who are suffering chronic diseases but not for healthy dog to consume. For instance, the fat level of cancer diet is very high and the carbohydrates level is very low. Since there is preliminary evidence showing that reducing the carbohydrates level will slow the cancer cell activities. So the Nufresh Prescription diet do not meet AAFCO requirement since it is specifically design for the dogs who are suffering chronic disease.

My dog has experienced soft stool, is that normal?

Once you have decided to change to NuFresh Fresh and Prescription diet from commercial dog food, the bacteria and amount of nutrients are different in the intestinal tract which will result a soft stools or more frequent bathroom time! This transaction will take around 1-3 weeks depending on the body condition of your dogs. We know that dog owners will get worried when your dog stool changes but minor stool changes are not a problem. If your dog experience a persistent stool changes, please consult a veterinarian about it.

How it works? Can I try different Nufresh samples?

For the first order, you could request one more other flavors for your dog want to try, just simply type which samples for trial in the additional column. We will send the samples along with the food to you for the delivery.

How is it charged?

Its charged on single package. 

How do the delivery works?

You will receive freshly prepared food by courier services with air-condition delivery. As the food doesnt require to freeze, it is meant to keep in room temp for 6 months. But if you find the package has inflated, please stop using it and we will send a refill for you. Sometimes the delivery will make damage the packaging.

How many meals should be fed?

Please follow the feeding guidelines. We do suggest to feed your dog two times per day

How do you source the ingredients?

Everything Nufresh sources are 100 % human grade and we guarantee no meat source are from sensible source. Every Meat we source, we requested the proof of its origin and the imported license to ensure the quality. For Instance, Pork is from Spain, Beef is from Australia, Fish is from New Zealand.

How to keep the food? Can I freeze it?

No, just keep it in room temperature is fine but if you find the package is inflated, please contact us for refill.  

How long will the food stay fresh?

The food is meant to keep in room temperature for 6 months time, when you open the pack, please do put the food in the fridge and consume it in 48 hours.

What kind of quality control has NuFresh done to the food?

We have a constant bacteria check with Intertek to ensure every food is up to the highest standard.

What is Nufresh Nutrient Mix?

Nufresh Nutrient Mix are specially formulated by a American College Veterinary Nutritionist (ACVN). To keep the food complete and balance, vitamins and minerals are one of the most essential thing in the diet.

Should I rotate recipes?

We do recommend to rotate different recipes since switching it weekly or monthly will enable most nutrients to be absorbed over long periods of time and benefit from other nutrients contained within individual recipes.

How should you store the products once open the package?

Please keep the food refrigerated after opening the pack. Consume it within 48 hrs. 

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