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NuFresh is established by 3 dog owners who aimed at delivering the best nutrients for our loyal companion – dogs. Through our visits to various dog shelters and veterinary clinic, we have witnessed numerous of dogs suffered from severe illness such as cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, etc. After detailed observation and academic research, it dawned on us that one of the major contributing factor of such suffering is the poor quality of processed dog food. In view of the situation, NuFresh is pledged to deliver fresh whole food to increase our companion’s health and longevity. In accordance to individual’s health condition, we carefully select ingredients and produce dog meals that best suits your companion’s nutrition needs and a balanced diet. With our commitment to deliver fresh whole food daily, it is high time to consider a change of diet from processed dog food and cans.

Partner with AVCN


ACVN is a specialized veterinary school that provides one of the best vital training in the field of nutrition. All certified veterinarians have gone through strict training and assessment, in which they are able to build recipes specialized for different health conditions of your fellow companions. To ensure the meal’s nutrition value and safety, Nufresh collaborate with veterinarians graduated from ACVN and build a series of dog meal recipes. We believe that with the combination of nutrition science and healthy food, we deliver the best-balanced diet for you companion.

Quality Control


We know your dog is a part of our family, So everything Nufresh sources are 100 % human grade and we guarantee no meat source are from China. Every Meat we source, we requested the proof of its origin and the imported license to ensure the quality. For Instance, Pork is from Spain, Beef is from Australia, Fish is from New Zealand. On the other hand, we have a constant bacteria check with Intertek to ensure every food is up to the highest standard.

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