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Freshness really matters



100% Natural Ingredients

Human-grade food ingredients, without any additives

Quality Assurance

All meat has imported license with no meat from China

Quality Inspection

Regular bacteria check with Intertek to ensure food quality

Diet formulated by Nutrition Specialist

All Recipes are formulated by ACVN (American College Veterinary Specialist) to ensure the safety and nutritional value of each food

Meets AAFCO Standard

All Diets meets AAFCO’s nutrition requirements that is complete and balanced for puppies and adults.

Fresh Prescription Diet

Fresh prescription diets that are recommended by local vets

From our Happy Customers

and Beloved Vets


Golden Retriever

I was diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2017; I switched to take Nufresh’s anti-cancer diet immediately. It helps me to keep my vitality! I can go swimming, hiking as a normal dog!



I was having Fresh diet from other fresh dog food companies but still looking for a better alternative. After noticing Nufresh will use good source of meat and veges, I switch my dogs diet to Nufresh. From the packaging to the quality of food, I would say this is the best dog food I have ever seen even I want to try it out.

P Jai & Cha Siu


"I have been cooking for my doggies for more than 6 years. Due to my increasing work, I have been looking for suitable alternative for my babies' homemade diets. I therefore started NuFresh normal diet for my tan girl Cha Siu and the prescribed diet for my golden boy P Chai who has kidney disease. I choose NuFresh becoz it emphasizes on freshly tailor-made quality food in accordance with the physical health of my babies. Most importantly, while my babies enjoy the quality food with balanced nutrition with reasonable price, my time stress is also relieved much. I highly recommend NuFresh to other dog owners."

Dr Davy Ng

Asia Veterinary Clinic

I have tried to give NuFresh to my patients, it works really well with them. Dogs like it very much and clean their bowl with no sweat!

Ross Lam

Pet Pet Animal Medical Centre

By combining science with natural food, Nufresh revolute the traditional dog food industry by providing the best nutrition possible for dogs. It is a trusty worthy brands that I will recommend to my patients.


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